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Where can I get tested? Act like you have it.

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

Remember back in March when everyone kept talking about testing and lack of it. I feel like we sort of put our heads in the sand because our numbers were so low. Now we are really feeling the lack of easy and accessible testing. I'm making a list of places you can get tested. This is subject to change of course and especially turn around times will vary. The key to slowing the spread is assume you have it if you have been exposed or have any symptoms (again: fever, chills, shortness of breath, cough, sore throat, nausea, loss of appetite, loss of taste or smell). And for the love, just wear a mask, wash your hands and social distance.

#1 Emergency Rooms - I would only go here if you have a fever >105, are having shortness of breath, or other severe symptoms. Do not go just to have your test done.

If you are pregnant and have any obstetrical complaints ( decreased fetal movement, contractions, leaking fluid) you can go to the 5th floor of the Women's Pavilion at Hoag in Newport Beach

#2 Urgent Cares : Hoag has multiple urgent care sites that are testing for Covid with a 3-5 day turn around. The hard part is getting an appointment.

They can do non-waiting room visits - where you wait in your car and call them to come do the swab. They have a cute video also.

#3 State testing

#4 Primary care offices- some have a rapid 20 minute test specificity of 100% and sensitivity of 93.8% - which means they will call about 6-7% negative when they are positive. But not bad. Huntington Beach

South Coast Family Medical Center Inc - you have to make a telemedicine visit and 50$ for the test

#5 CVS Minute Clinic - they say 2-4 days turn around

#6 UCI- 714-456-7002 they have drive-thru testing as well.

Stay safe everyone.

#8 The City of Irvine is offering testing for all residents at the Great Park.

And they have nice list of places to get tested.

Pregnancy is a temporary - there is an end. My advice don't get tired of quarantine yet- just wait until you aren't pregnant. Then you will have a newborn which is similar but at least will be full term and healthy.

You might have seen the CDC say pregnant women are at higher risk for hospitalizations. More on this next time.

I just watched A Few Good Men for the first time. Great movie but man, the sexual harassment in that movie sounds unbelievable to me! Yay for progress.

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