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Pacific Women's Healthcare Associates includes eight physicians that practice obstetrics: Dr. Rhonda Flora, Dr. Brooke Hargrove, Dr. Lisa Karamardian, Dr. Jody Lai, Dr. Jinwen Ingrid Lin, Dr. Nura Sobhanian, Dr. Vinita Speir and Dr. Nicolle Underwood. We practice exclusively at Hoag Hospital Newport Beach, a certified baby friendly birthing facility.


I'm pregnant what do I need to know?


What's my approximate due date?


What pregnancy related services does Hoag offer?
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What prenatal screening programs does the state of California offer?


Is Hoag hospital baby friendly?


More information on Hoag's neonatal intensive care unit?


What is cord blood banking and tissue preservation?

Learn more about Hoag's Maternal Mental Health Resources here:

Early Pregnancy Loss and Miscarriage Resources and information

from ACOG

Online resources and apps:
Stanford Breastfeeding Online Course

Stanford Breast Feeding Course

First Droplets - breast feeding support online
Maternal Mental Health:

We have 3 referrals especially for pregnant patients:

Hoag Maternal Mental Health

Jo Scott Ed.D. Licensed Clinical Psychologist Specializing in maternal mental health


Shira Kfir LCSW Supportive Counseling 949-943-0445

For a non-hospital based childbirth preparedness class 
Labor of Love founder, Doula Staci Berrey offers 
Connected Childbirth class 
PACWHA discount : PAC 

Circle by Hoag – Pregnancy and Parenting App:

Circle® by Hoag is a free pregnancy and parenting app that taps into a vast network of local, Hoag-approved resources and tools.


The app provides information from birth through the teen years for multiple children and it's all personalized to you and your growing family.

Get 24/7 access to:
  • Articles and tips about pregnancy, babies and parenting

  • Weekly content throughout pregnancy and baby’s first year

  • A to-do checklist designed by Hoag experts to guide you through every stage of pregnancy and parenthood

  • Tracking tools to monitor your pregnancy, newborn and growing child's vaccinations. You can then share the information with your provider.

  • Information on Hoag classes, resources and support groups

When you’re not seeing your physician, use Circle to get trustworthy pregnancy and newborn information, check off weekly to-do's, and connect to Hoag resources, including prenatal& parenting classes and breastfeeding and mental health support.


Circle is free and easy to download. Visit the App Store to download Circle by Hoag for iPhone, or visit Google Play for Android devices.


Childbirth Preparation – Understanding Birth eClass:

Join Hoag for this life-changing childbirth education, and learn the joys and challenges of labor and birth in the comfort of your own home. The Understanding Birth eClass is sure to prepare you for what to expect on delivery day.

Price: $40

Register online at

Infant CPR/First Aid

The American Red Cross is offering on-line newborn/infant CPR & First-Aid class for $32

Click here

Pacify Breastfeeding App:Conditions

On-Demand Lactation Support 24/7

As Hoag's further commitment to support breastfeeding, Pacify is here. Pacify offers a valuable complement to the personal one-on-one breastfeeding support provided at the Hoag Breastfeeding Clinic open weekdays, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. This app is ideal when one-on-one support isn't possible or if you find yourself in need of breastfeeding support after hours.


Every mom who delivers at Hoag will have unlimited access to Pacify, the breastfeeding app that provides on-demand lactation support 24/7. Your free, one-year Pacify membership provides on-demand, video-enabled access to a nationwide network of board-certified lactation consultants. Pacify is available right from your smartphone or tablet 24/7.



Pacify offers face-to-face consultations with lactation experts about:

  • Crying/colic

  • Latching

  • Pumping

  • Picky eating

  • Sore nipples

  • Breastfeeding

In preparation for your baby's arrival, visit the App Store to download Pacify for iPhone, or visit Google Play for Android devices. Once you deliver your baby at Hoag, you will be provided with a unique code from Hoag to access your Pacify membership through the app for free for one year due to philanthropic support.

For more information, call Hoag's BabyLine at 949-764-BABY (2229).



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