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When is this going to end?

I got this question a lot today and I wish I had some insight into when things might get a little closer to normal. I found this site which has up to date statistics in Orange County. As you guys have probably heard we are doing pretty well compared to a lot of other counties and states. I think it will depend on our testing ability and how well we continue to social distance. For now I am thankful our numbers continue to be relatively low and our hospitals are coping with this unprecedented disease well. I hope by June or July we will resume seeing our routine medical examinations in a safe, likely limited manner.

Washington Post Article

I personally don't really agree with everything in the above article, but it is a decent overview. I think I have talked about a lot of the topics in this blog in a more comprehensive manner but thought I would put it up here. My biggest complaint is that they make the American College of Obstetrician and Gynecologists sound biased toward hospital births, however, that is because the data supports safer outcomes for babies. I also think they ignore the fact that home births result in more urgent visits to the hospital which is exactly what you don't want in a pandemic. I am excited that so many people have enrolled in the PRIORITY study so we should have some decent data about COVID-19 in pregnancy.

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