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What is the Priority Registry?

New data ( but very limited data) from the CDC ( after analysis of 8,207 pregnant women with COVID) shows an increase in ICU admissions about 1.6 x general population and close to 2 x more likely to need a ventilator. Interestingly, non-Hispanics Asians were most likely to need ICU admission. Take away points include although pregnant women were at higher risk of hospitalization, overall risk of death was less than with H1N1 pandemic in which pregnant women were at 5 x greater risk of dying!

Recommendations :

  • maintain prenatal care appointments

  • wear a mask in public and work

  • maintain physical distancing

  • limit contact with other individuals as much as practical

  • maintain an adequate supply of preparedness resources including medications (Ibuprofen, Tylenol (acetaminophen), thermometer at home, Gatorade/Pedialyte and other electrolyte fluids

Lots of Good FAQs there.

If you get diagnosed with COVID during pregnancy there is a national registry you should enroll in so we can collect data regarding outcomes and complications ( or none!)

Stay Safe and Happy 4th of July !!

This pic made me laugh, we're all guilty of it!

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