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Some hospital updates! They are now allowing partners and patients to walk the hallways on on the postpartum floor if they have a mask on and do not have any symptoms. This is especially good for our Cesarean patients as walking and moving can help in the recovery.

Visitor policy remains the same- 1 support person. There is still no plans to allow doulas or photographers.

I encourage you all to follow the numbers and see that the number of hospitalizations in OC continue to go up as we relax shelter at home and social distancing. Nothing has really changed since March except we haven't had a huge surge of cases (knock on wood). Testing remains unreliable and hospitals are still limiting PPE. 600 healthcare workers around the globe have died and 115,000 Americans. Sobering numbers, let's continue to take it seriously but slowly increase those essential services like haircuts, dentists, and childcare.

I am so disappointed in Orange County and the resignation of our public health officer Dr. Quick. She was just doing her job with the best information she had. Death threats and protesting on her doorstep are uncalled for. We wear gloves and masks all the time in the hospital to protect patients, now we all have to do our part to protect each other. Use common sense and don't get brainwashed by disinformation on the internet. We are all in this together. Wear your mask and social distance as much as you can!

Silver lining : If everyone continues to wear a mask and social distance I bet we'll have the best flu season we've ever had!

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Jun 12, 2020

Is there any news on potentially when spouses/visitors could attend ultrasounds, etc.?


Mary Roll 9/21/56
Jun 10, 2020

Dr, Speir,

You've been a great doc to me.

However, I won't be seeing you anymore, as I was informed today that PACWHA does not require patients or visitors to wear masks during their visits.

I prefer to find a doctor and facility where masks are required during this pandemic.

Best to you,

Mary Roll

Newport Coast

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