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Some updates at the hospital and our office

2020 continues to surprise me at how much it just sucks. We are losing our PACWHA president Dr. Anne Kent to medical disability indefinitely and while there is no one who can replace her we are going to try to carry on her legacy of unparalleled excellent patient care.

But one big update at the hospital - Hoag Hospital is allowing doulas in addition to one visitor or support person during deliveries starting this week. They will be required to wear a mask at all times in the hospital. Great news for our patients who would like a doula at their deliveries.

I saw this article and thought of the increasing stress all our patients are going through.

The title however is very misleading-- the survey just reported higher rates of stress in pregnancy, but there have not been any good evidence has an adverse effect on fetal growth it is all theoretical. So don't worry that stress is causing any issues with the baby, that just creates a vicious cycle of more and more stress.

I hope you all know that we are on your side fighting to keep our office and the hospital safe for your amazing journey to motherhood. Please try to find ways to reduce stress and anxiety in your lives. Data has been very hopeful for pregnant mothers so please don't let that add undue stress to this crazy time we are living in.

Today was my girls first day of school and I am sure a lot of people are very stressed about school and childcare.

Here is a great site/ tool kit to help you with decision-making.

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