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She's a little upset with this coronavirus

Some updates :

If you are exposed to COVID-19 patients and are pregnant, please talk to your provider about putting you on disability. You should definitely have proper PPE if you continue to work.

The CDC is contemplating recommending everyone wear a mask as the asymptomatic and community transmission of COVID-19 increases. We would encourage our pregnant patients to be extra vigilant and protect themselves as much as possible. We do not suggest an N95 mask, but staying at home as much as possible, limiting contact to immediate family, and covering mouth and nose is a good idea when you go out.

Tips for Mental Health Wellness in Quarantine

1. Stick to a routine

2. Dress for the social life you want to have not the one you have

3. Get out of the house for at least 30 minutes a day

4. Exercise daily- can be online Youtube videos. Cosmic Kids and GoNoodle are popular that you can do with kids!

5. Reach out to others at least once a day- phone, FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, etc. They can be local or across the country. Make sure you do this for your kids too with virtual playdates. Grandparents and older friends, relatives especially need this connection! There are some apps that you can play virtually with friends like Psych by Ellen. Watch Party or Netflix Party is also a great way to socialize virtually!

6. Stay hydrated and eat well. Try to avoid the "Quarantine Fifteen." Especially if you are expecting it is very important to stay well hydrated, approximately 3 liters of water a day.

7. Put together your comfort items: ideas, soft blanket, diffuser with oils you like, stuffed animals, coloring books, books you would read on vacation, journals. You can have kids make a comfort shoe box which is similar.

8. Spend extra time with children and try playing with them. There is a podcast called Wow in the World which my kids love and they talk about coronavirus. Also The Daily ( NY times podcast) has an episode called "Kid's Guide to Coronavirus."

9. Give everyone some alone time daily. Being cooped up with loved ones can bring out the worst in people so try to be more forgiving than usual.

10. Lower your expectations of yourself and others! We are all trying to do too much- working, home-schooling, routine chores, and self-care.

11. Limit Social media - it can drive you nuts, especially with a lot of rumors and speculation.

12. Notice the good in the world, the helpers and people sacrificing, donating and supporting each other.

13. Help others and show people they are not alone.

14. Find something you can control and control the heck out of it.

15. Find a long term project and dive into it.

16. Engage in repetitive movements such as knitting, coloring, painting, jump roping, running, drumming etc.

17. Any time of expressive art - it doesn't have to be good.

18. Any type of gardening can be very therapeutic.

19. Find humor and lightness daily.

20. Reach out for help and connection from others if you need it! Remember this is temporary!

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1 Comment

Apr 02, 2020

In terms of exposure to covid, is the PACWHA team still recommending/ok with pregnant who work in healthcare to continue work? I know a couple of weeks ago, that was the case when I spoke to someone in the clinic. I just wanted to see if anything has changed in terms of recommendations and placing pregnant healthcare workers on disability. Thanks!

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