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Rise in COVID-19 cases

We have been seeing an increase in hospitalizations of pregnant women with COVID in the last few weeks in our area. We are strongly recommending that all our patients get vaccinated as the data suggests there is a different age distribution of those getting hospitalized now, it has been in younger patients (between 18-45) . Pregnant patients who are very sick with COVID may require early delivery which has it's own complications. In addition, it is heart-breaking to see young patients requiring intubation. The vaccinations seem to be very effective ( maybe not as effective against the original strain but still good) 88-90 % effective and more importantly protects from severe disease. 99.5% of hospitalized COVID patients are unvaccinated.

Vaccinations are available at many Hoag facilities, county and city facilities, as well as walgreens, rite-aid, CVS. It is very easy to go online and make an appointment. Side effects have been mild and self-limited, especially in pregnant patients who seem to be tolerating the vaccines even better than the average population.

If you are a mom, I recommend making your kids continue wearing their masks in public, especially indoors. I know, it sucks but until they get their vaccines I always prefer safety first.

If you are still hesitant, talk to your doctor and continue to maintain all the precautions you were doing last year. Especially washing your hands, social distancing and wearing your mask.

CDC has a cool COVID tracker:

Here's the website to make an appt through Hoag. Just register as a guest.

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