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Really, this year continues to depress me. I hope everyone, especially women, will understand how much this one supreme court justice did for women's equality. I had no idea that she paved the way for women to work if they were pregnant, to sign a mortgage without a man, to have a bank account without a man and to have a job without being discriminated based on gender. As an OB/GYN my main issue is that her passing may jeopardize universal access to birth control and abortion in a safe environment and these things are essential to women's healthcare. I dread going back to the days when insurances don't cover things like IUDs and women have to pay thousands of dollars for something that should be cheap. Why do women have to bare the burden of birth control and also all the health risks that come from pregnancy? Doesn't seem fair. I would gladly let my husband be pregnant or breast feed, in fact, I would be ok if the men had the periods. Anyway, please vote and call your legislative representatives and tell them women's health is important to you. If you are interested in my perspective, happy to talk to anyone who has questions. I know this may seem controversial, however, I have dedicated my life to women's healthcare so I hope my opinion matters.

In other news, we are allowing nursing infants less than 6 months in our office if needed! Hooray! I love seeing all the cute babies at their 6 week check ups. Of course, I think safer to leave the baby at home, but if you need to please bring the baby and we will do our best to maintain 6 feet away.

My girls start school in person tomorrow! Hoping our numbers continue to be low and everyone takes the appropriate precautions.

For anyone who has had a miscarriage, I found this article which spoke to me and wanted to share with you all.

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