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No more monoclonal antibodies, change in visitor policy

Some sad news this week, Hoag Hospital Labor and Delivery and Postpartum has changed their visitor policy to one visitor per patient. If you have a doula, who is vaccinated against Covid-19 they will be allowed in addition to the one person. If the patient tests positive for COVID-19 their partner will not be allowed to leave and come back. In addition, if the patient's visitor is positive they will not be allowed on L&D unless the patient is also positive and they are not allowed to leave the room.

Also, regarding my early post. Monoclonal antibodies are no longer available for pregnant patients, due to the new variant Regeneron does not seem to be as effective and new monoclonal antibody Sotrovimab is extremely limited and patients are being triaged to see if they qualify in the ER.

The good news continues to be that illnesses seem to be milder with the omicron variant and onset of symptoms seems to be faster so hopefully less time to spread it unknowingly. Remember to wear your masks, ideally a surgical mask or N95 when you are out and about. The other recommendations I posted earlier still apply.

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