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New Pre-screening Recommendations

I finally have something new to report! Starting this week, all patients who are scheduled for induction of labor or scheduled Cesarean sections will be encouraged to get tested for Covid-19 72 hours before their scheduled date. Our surgery scheduler will assist you in getting your test done as there are multiple options for testing, the easiest is probably the drive-by testing at the Hoag Urgent Care.

If your test is negative, the procedure will take place as scheduled with no changes.

If it is positive, your physician will help you come up with a plan. In most cases, delivery planning will continue as scheduled and there will be extra precautions taken to protect you, your baby and the hospital staff taking care of you.

After you get your test, you should quarantine at home with minimal interaction with others.

Unfortunately, our cases in Orange County have still been going up the last few days and so as things start to open up I would encourage you all to be extra careful with masks and social distancing.

Labor and Delivery remains very normal and the 1 visitor policy remains in place.


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