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More prenatal resources & More Masks

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

Everyone who comes to the hospital will be required to wear a mask, so please bring your own if you have one. We also have some available in our office if you need one.

So far Labor and Delivery and the hospital remain very calm and relatively unaffected by the COVID-19 crisis. We hope it stays that way! Remember there is a separate entrance for pregnant patients on the East side of the building (see my previous posts).

We have changed a few things for our routine prenatal care including 1 hour glucose drink which is dye free and you do not need to be fasting. We recommend using standardized glucose drinks in order to better interrupt the results of the test.

Hoag Online Prepared Childbirth Classes

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Hoag Wellness Classes

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Stanford Breast Feeding Course

The American Red Cross is offering on-line newborn/infant CPR & First-Aid class for $32

Click here

This is also one of the main things we recommend you do before you have a new baby.

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