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Masks? Masks!

We are trying to stay proactive for all our pregnant patients during this pandemic, as you know we have changed our practice significantly for this purpose and we are continuing to work with the hospital to keep Labor and Delivery and Postpartum safe. I would like to emphasize that it is so important that everyone is honest with their symptoms when it is time to go to the hospital. There have been reports that patients or partners are lying due to fears of being separated from their infants or not allowed in the hospital. Being honest with symptoms will allow us to be proactive with testing and precautions to best protect you and your newborn! We spoke to many pediatricians and the separation of baby from mother is the last thing they would recommend, currently if a pregnant patient tests positive they are individualizing the recommendations. Hopefully, we'll be getting more information on the influence on newborns and pregnant women soon.

Although the CDC is still debating whether everyone should be wearing a mask in public, we think our pregnant patients should be extra vigilant and cover their nose and mouth in public ideally with a regular surgical mask. Gloves are not necessary as long as good hand washing is performed. However, covering your face can prevent you from touching your face with contaminated hands and it is a layer of protection from respiratory droplets. I think it would be ok to reuse a mask or use a homemade mask/ bandana as long as you were not in contact with someone who has COVID-19. Overall, staying home and social distancing are going to be the most important things you can do. Every interaction with someone counts, make as many virtual as possible.

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