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Making hard decisions in the time of COVID-19

I have heard her book is very informative but I thought this post was very good and helpful at making decisions. Economics is all about weighing the options and making the best decisions we are able to especially in a time of uncertainty. With pregnancy we always to err on the side of caution.

Grandparents and Day Care

I also wanted to update the study I posted in the last post. My takeaways from the study confirm what previous studies have shown :

#1 Covid-19 does not seem to affect pregnant women worse than the general population

#2 There could be higher rates of third trimester complications, so very important to be extra vigilant after 30 weeks.

#3 Risk of vertical transmission (mother to baby in utero) appears very small.

I also posted a new website with breastfeeding support called on our OB education page.

The hospital has a cool thermal camera when you come in so I thought I would put a little picture of it and some other pictures from the hospital.

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