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In home Lactation Support Resource

I wanted to put this on here because breast feeding is so challenging and I think any resources to help increase supply can be helpful. My main take-aways with breast feeding is every mom and baby are different and the less pressure you put on yourself the better! If it works, it is very rewarding and in some ways easier. However, if it is not working, don't let it cause anxiety or depression--a FED baby is best!

Lactation Network is a company that guarantees every mother with the following insurances ( Anthem PPO, Cigna PPO, Blue Shield PPO, Blue Cross PPO) three 90 minute in home lactation consultations with no out of pocket costs.

You can apply for coverage on

Some information on hand expression ( which I really had no idea about!) by lactation consultant Dr. Jane Morton who also writes on

Hand expression or pumping in the first three days?

Expensive hospital grade electric pumps look so sophisticated and “techy” you might be surprised to learn that published research comparing hand expression to electric pumping of colostrum (first milk) demonstrate 5 advantages to hand expression in the first 3 postpartum days. 1. More comfortable. Both physically and psychologically, mothers found hand expression more comfortable, with electric pumps causing more local nipple trauma. 1, 2 2. 25% higher rates of breastfeeding by 2 months in mothers who were advised to hand express vs. use an electric pump in the first 3 postpartum days. 1. 3. High fat content in hand expressed milk, which means higher caloric and nutritional value.3. 4. Equal or more volume using hand expression 1,4 5. In the first 3 days, in mothers who used electric pumps for the same number of times per day, those who also used hand expression more than 5 times a day had significantly more milk, for at least 2 months.5. This last study also demonstrates that what is done (or not done) in the first 3 days affects milk production for many weeks to come. Viscous, thick first milk may be more difficult to remove with pump suction alone. Please watch videos on hand expression at

1. Flaherman VJ, Gay B, Scott C, Avins A, Lee KA, Newman TB. RCT Comparing Hand Expression with Breast Pumping for Mothers of Term Newborns Feeding Poorly. Arch Dis Child Fetal Neonatal Ed. 2012 Jan;97(1):F18-23. doi: 10.1136/adc.2010.209213. Epub 2011 Jul 11. 2. Francis J, Dickton D. Physical analysis of the breast after direct breastfeeding compared with hand or pump expression: A randomized clinical trial. Breastfeed Med 2019; 14(10):705-711. 3. Mangel L, Ovental A, Batscha N, Arnon M, Yakoni I, Dolberg S. Higher fat content in breastmilk expressed manually: A randomized trial. Breastfeeding Medicine 2015 10(7); 352-354. 4. Ohyama M, Watabe H, Hayasaka Y. Manual expression and electric breast pumping in the first 48 h after delivery. Pediatr Int. 2010;52:39-43 5. Morton J, Hall JY, Wong RJ, Thairu L, Benitz WE, Rhine WD. Combining hand techniques with electric pumping increases milk production in mothers of preterm infants., J Perinatol. 2009 Nov;29(11):757-64. Epub 2009 Jul 2.

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