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I'm pregnant and tested positive for COVID....

Unfortunately, the Omicron strain of Covid seems to be highly contagious and we are seeing a huge surge in cases. Here are the current guidelines we recommend. If you haven't gotten your booster vaccine, please go and get one ASAP!

If you have mild symptoms:

> If you’re 13 weeks or over, please go to Hoag Newport ( Not Irvine) ER for a monoclonal antibody infusion. They will start an IV and administer the antibodies, check your oxygen levels and assess your baby. The antibodies will help your body fight off the infection. If you are in your first trimester, antibodies are not necessary. Although the infusion (Regeneron) that was very effective against the Delta strain does not appear to be as effective for Omicron, our perinatologists are still recommending that pregnant patients get it. Stay tuned as they will most likely change the infusion to Sotrovimab once supply increases county wide.

> Start taking a baby aspirin (81 mg) every day unless you have had any bleeding issues during pregnancy or any blood clots around the placenta ( Sub-chorionic Hematoma)

> Please notify our office that you have had a positive test. We will schedule you for growth ultrasounds monthly after 20 weeks and start fetal monitoring in your third trimester (usually between 34-36 weeks).

> If you are scheduled for an appointment during your isolation period, please reschedule until 10 days after your symptoms first started. If you are close to the end of pregnancy, we can change your appointments to telehealth visits.

You should quarantine yourself away from family for at least 5 days. If you have no symptoms after 5 days you can be around others with a mask per the new CDC guidelines. In the U.K. they recommend quarantine for 7 days if you have a negative Covid test after 7 days but given scarcity of tests this may be hard to do. If you test positive at 7 days they recommend the full 10 days of quarantine. If you are breastfeeding or have a newborn, wear a good mask ( ideally 3-ply) and try to keep the baby 6 feet away as much as possible.

> If you more severe symptoms like shortness of breath, trouble breathing, chest pain, swelling of one leg (and not the other) or decreased fetal movement, please go to Hoag Newport ER immediately. If you are over 20 weeks gestation and have contractions, decreased fetal movement, headache, or any obstetrical complaints please go to the 5th floor of the women’s center at Hoag Newport to the OB ER or triage area. They will assess the health of you and your baby and determine if you need to be admitted to the hospital.

>Medications you can take for symptoms:

Tylenol 650 mg every 6 hours for fever, body aches ( Fever would be over 100.4 F )

Mucinex for congestion/ cough

Vitamin C - 500 mg daily

Vitamin D 1000-2000 IU daily

Zinc lozenges- max 6 lozenges a day

Robitussin DM - follow directions

Bendaryl 25 mg before bedtime

Claritin-follow directions

Flonase - follow directions

Please be extra careful through the holidays as we had the highest number of positive cases in Orange County this week. Limit indoor gatherings, wear your mask.

Stay safe!

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