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Fully vaccinated! If you test positive for Covid - read this

Got my 2nd dose at 7 am this morning and feeling pretty good. Just did a Peloton ride and although no PR, not my worst either! I hope it stays this way.

If you test positive for COVID in pregnancy here's what we advise.

#1 Please call the office and let us know so we can document this in your chart, you may not get a phone call back from your doctor because we have been inundated with these phone calls :(

#2 Please quarantine for 10 days as described in previous posts and we are happy to do a telehealth appointment if you would like to

#3 If you have headaches, fever, chills you can take Tylenol ( Acetaminophen) 650 mg up to every 6 hours

#4 If you are feeling short of breath or have any obstetrical concerns ( decreased fetal movement, contractions, bleeding) then please go to the 5th floor OB Emergency Room of Hoag Newport Beach

#5 We recommend taking a Baby Aspirin ( 81 mg) daily until 36 weeks

#6 We will also start extra monitoring closer to the end of the pregnancy and discuss it at the end your next appointment.

#7 There is no evidence of birth defects or miscarriage with COVID.

Some more information about the vaccine in pregnancy--please see my previous post.

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