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Don't go to the Beach & importance of H2o in pregnancy.

I am so glad Orange County has been fighting the COVID-19 crisis well, however, given recent protests, 50,000 people going to the beaches this weekend and people overall relaxing their social distancing I expect we will see a bit of a surge in 2 weeks. I really feel like we have to continue to be vigilant because we have flattened the curve here but we still don't really understand this virus well.

Hoag Hospital continues to do well and is expected to start doing elective surgeries in the next week or so.

Something we do understand well is why hydration is important in pregnancy. I recommend my patients aim for 3 Liters of water a day while pregnant. When pregnant patients are dehydrated besides feeling faint, weak, or dizzy they can actually get contractions. This is because the hormone that is released when you are dehydrated called anti-diuretic hormone (ADH) shares a similar structure to the hormone oxytocin which is the hormone that causes contractions. Especially with our 90 degree heat this weekend make sure you stay cool and hydrated.

Tomorrow I will post some new studies about coronavirus that I think are particularly relevant in pregnancy.

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