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COVID-19 update 3/15/2020

For the safety of our patients, community, staff and hospital we will be calling all patients who are schedule in the next 4 weeks for routine follow ups and annual exams. We will also be calling you to see if we can take care of you in a sufficient way over the phone. Please take the recommendations from our health and state leaders seriously. Please stay inside as much as possible and limit your contact with as many people as possible. If you must be around people, maintain a 6 foot distance and please wash your hands and hand sanitizer. Avoid medical facilities as much as possible. We will try not to disrupt prenatal care.

It is advised if you are scheduled for a cesarean section, please do not miss your appointed time. We are trying to get people delivered in a timely fashion! Also, please do not bring visitors or children to the hospital or our office if you have any other alternative. Remember, we think people who are infected can be asymptomatic carriers for up to 2 weeks. Anyone over 65 is advised to try and self-isolate as much as possible.

If you think you might be infected, testing is limited, but we can help you get access to the limited tests that are available after some pre-screening questions.

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