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Can I have my partner be with me at the Delivery?

The question I heard the most today was, "Will I be allowed to have my partner at the delivery?" I know the changes in visitor policies in our office and in the hospital are difficult and not what you might have planned. However, these are not normal days. I am so proud of our office for being proactive and really keeping our offices as safe patient environment as possible by canceling visits 2 weeks ago and stopping the visitors.

Having said that, currently the hospital policy is one support person per patient. I don't see this policy changing any time soon and I hope with PACWHA doctors on the COVID task force for the hospital we will be implementing policies proactively to prevent this policy from happening. We will be updating the hospital's official policy here.

We are also transitioning to telemedicine for as much as we can, please call us and schedule an appointment if you have an issue you can address via video-conferencing. We are using the Zoom app - so please download it before your appointment!

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29 mar 2020

Will our monthly checkups be done via telemedicine? During the monthly check-ups, a Doppler is used to listen to the baby’s heartbeat, how will this be done?

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