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As things re-open use caution

In pregnancy we tend to recommend behavior that is extra cautious and not always evidence based simply because we don't have good studies and the downside seems not worth taking the risk for the potential benefit. For example, eating sushi, drinking alcohol, skiing, riding roller coasters etc. So, to me, the same applies here. Please use your best judgement and know that we still don't have good information regarding COVID-19 in pregnancy.

A recent study of 22 pregnant women in Italy showed 2/22 of women transmitted the virus most likely through the placenta to their newborns (vertical transmission).

Cases continue to risk in Orange County, but slowly. The hospital remains prepared and at PACWHA we are weighing risks and benefits of all decisions on a daily basis. We have started seeing all our routing Well Woman Exams so normal preventative care will not be interrupted. We are still restricting visitors to the office, but we encourage you to Facetime/Zoom/video chat during your appointments if you wish.

Although we are not out of the woods, I am feeling optimistic that people will be careful and make smart decisions to protect the most vulnerable and our health care workforce. Please continue to wear a mask and practice social distancing when you see others. Please see previous posts on mental health and alert your physician if you think you may be suffering from depression or anxiety so we can get you the resources you need.

I thought this perspective from a patient on the East Coast was helpful even though our policies are very different, and makes me appreciate our lower numbers of cases in Orange County. If any of you have a perspective you would like to share on this blog - please feel free to email to with the subject : Blog post.

I thought this article was helpful on what activities are high/medium/low risk.

Picture courtesy of my beautiful cousin who delivered a healthy baby boy last week!

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