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3/20/2020 Remembering the Good Things

Yesterday I tried to remember that in this hard time, there is still joy. Nothing like a new baby to make you feel happy!

We are still open for urgent GYN needs, telemedicine, and all our prenatal care. Please come to your appointments as scheduled and thank you for your patience with the virtual visits!

Hoag Hospital had it's first virtual town hall with the medical staff and we got to hear from the infectious disease specialist, Phillip Robinson. He assures us Hoag is well prepared and working with other hospitals and agencies around the country. He urges people to be careful of false information online and on social media. Get your information from a major news outlet and a trusted news source. All medical information should be from a medical doctor - if they don't have an MD behind their name I definitely wouldn't trust it.

We are working on getting more testing guidelines for pregnant women! If you need a note for work saying you need to avoid exposure to patients with Covid-19 please let us know, again we cannot put you disability unless there is a medical reason. I will update again


Stay safe!

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