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3/17/2020 At least the sun was shining!

I just wish there were less cars on the road. #stayathome #socialdistancing

Couple of updates as things on the state and county level continue to unfold.

#1 We will no longer have any visitors in our office, including spouses and children and other family members. We apologize in advance.

#2 We are actively working on telemedicine and remote visits- if you have a medical issue that can be addressed without a physical exam such as a birth control consultation, infertility consultation, review of lab work, review of pelvic ultrasound results, hormone consultation we can call you and conduct a remote visit. Please call us to schedule an approximate time.

#3 We are working hard to keep our office a safe environment for all our expecting moms with cleaning more, limiting visitors and spacing out appointments

#4 We know it is an anxiety provoking and stressful time for everyone, please meditate, exercise, get outside and know that PACWHA is staying on top of latest recommendations to give to our patients. Let us take on some of your stress.

#5 If you have surgical masks or N95 masks at home consider donating them to your local hospital or firehouse. Our first responders have almost no protection and it is rapidly decreasing in hospitals. You can bring it to your office and we can take it to the ER if you would like.

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