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3/16/2020 Tips for patients

#1 STAY HOME - nothing is really as important as protecting yourself, protecting our health care force, and protecting the most vulnerable in our society. We are heading toward a very serious health care emergency.

#2 Plan on no visitors to your newborn- at the hospital for sure, and also at home.

FaceTime, Skype, What's app. Hoag has a new policy of only one visitor on L&D and postpartum. This is to keep our moms and babies as safe as we can!

#3 Cancel your baby shower. Cancel your kids birthday parties. No playdates. No family get togethers. Do everything virtually - people can still send you gifts !

#4 Don't travel anywhere, especially by plane.

#5 If you need a note to work from home (which your employer should have already done!) or to not work in a high risk area of the hospital please let us know. We are very sorry but we cannot put you on maternity leave or state disability unless you have a true obstetrical or gynecologic reason.

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