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Healthcare Heroes

The picture is showing the separate entrance of Hoag Hospital for pregnant patients who are going to Labor and Delivery or the OB Emergency Room, if you are facing the Emergency Room it is all the way to your left.

Today my daughter fell off her bike and broke her arm. I'd forgotten how scary and vulnerable it feels to have a loved one in the hands of someone else. It made me appreciate physicians and nurses and the rigorous training they go through to know their area of expertise so they can take care of others. Especially, in this time of uncertainty! It also made me appreciate the job I get to do everyday.

Not my ideal situation to go to the Emergency Room in a time of quarantine, but I really feel like our Orange County hospitals are now all doing an excellent job of keeping the ER a safe place for all emergencies-- even those not COVID-19 related. Please, if you are worried you are having an emergency, please do not delay getting emergency care because you are worried about catching coronavirus. Every hospital has instituted screening and separation to keep people safe. You can call us and get our advice as well!

As for my daughter, I am currently waiting to hear when she gets out of surgery. I know she is in great hands. I want to remind her (and myself) that in times of adversity that it is how we deal with it and move forward that can make us who we are.

Updates to the visitor policy - still only one person for your hospital stay, they are currently allowed to leave the hospital and come back but it is strongly encouraged that they stay for the whole time you are at the hospital.

"Only in the darkness can you see the stars." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

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