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3/18/2020 Managing Mental Stress

We have some tips and referrals for managing your stress during this unprecedented time.

#1 Meditate, exercise, yoga

#2 Download a meditation app like Headspace or Calm

#3 Get in touch with a mental health specialist doing telemedicine.

We have 3 referrals especially for pregnant patients:

Jo Scott Ed.D. Licensed Clinical Psychologist Specializing in maternal mental health


One resource if you are more interested in the medicine side of this virus that really helped me is: especially the March 16, 2020 video.

As far as pregnancy and newborns go, I hate to say it but data is severely limited so it is almost impossible to give an evidence based advice. We are getting a lot of questions about whether people should go to work or not. Ideally, everyone would be able to work from home and that would help to reduce your exposure but we know a lot of our patients are considered "essential" and cannot work from home.

EXTRA TIPS for pregnant patients and our moms in general :

#1 Encourage your employer to give you proper personal protective equipment if you are in a high risk environment around patients with known COVID-19 or place you in another assignment. Make sure you change before you go home and covering your hair may help (no clear evidence)

#2 Make sure you take your prenatal vitamin and that it has Vitamin D in it.

#3 Try to wear something which reminds you not to touch your face!

#4 Sanitize all surfaces after someone else has touched them

#5 If you have children - make sure they are washing their hands A LOT, especially after the bathroom. Make sure you wash your hands after diaper changes.

#6 And you have seen it everywhere -- WASH YOUR HANDS for 20 seconds often.

#7 Stay home if you have any symptoms of a cold, sore throat and definitely a fever >100.4 and please call us to pre-screen you to see if you should be tested for COVID-19

#8 Social distancing

#9 Get a good night's sleep

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